Mani Monday : Disney’s Tangled!

My new mani now features my favourite Disney movie : Tangled. I’m trying to practice my nail art skills so this took me a lot longer than I’d care to admit, but, I’m super happy with the result and I can even say painting with my left hand isn’t so dodgy anymore!

I kicked off with a base coat, and then on all my nails except for on my ring finger, I painted two coats of lilac polish. On my ring finger, I mixed a peach polish and a sort of light gold shimmery colour in order to get a skin tone.

On my little finger, I painted the tip green and used a dotting tool to make two bumps for the eyes at the top. Then using the same dotting tool I made eyes with white polish, and used black glitter for the pupil. With a darker green I added some nostrils and a smile and then outlined the top and there we have a little Pascal; Rapunzel’s little chameleon friend!

For Rapunzel herself on my ring finger, I used yellow polish to paint some hair around the edges of the nail. Repeating the same technique as I did on Pascal, I created eyes. Then, with a tiny nail art brush, I used pink polish to create some lips and a light brown polish to add details such as eyebrows, a nose and strands of hair.

My middle finger was pretty simple; just a pink glitter top coat! On my index finger, I first painted a shimmering pink line down the centre and then using a small dotting tool and white polish, I leaned each side with white dots to emulate a frill, almost like Rapunzel’s dress.

Finally on my thumb, I used a tiny dotting tool and white polish to make three tiny flowers and used yellow polish to make the centres. In the gaps I placed little pink flower gems that I had, drawing inspiration from the flowers the children put in Rapuzel’s hair when they braid it.

A coat of top coat, and I was done!

Though it was difficult and time consuming, I love them! I take my hat off to all nail artists who do this on the regular because that must take real time.

Here’s a list of the products I used:


I hope you like these as much as I do.

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

New Nails : Rimmel’s Rita Ora Collection

My nails have been calling out for a fresh manicure for a couple of days because it’s been about two or three weeks since my last gel manicure. The only problem is, now that I’ve moved away from uni, I’ve also moved away from my salon, so whilst saving for my own gel manicure kit, I’m going to have to do them myself. So, I therefore decided to treat myself to some new nail polish.

Whilst doing my usual shop in Asda, I came across Rita Ora’s collection for Rimmel. The colours are all beautiful and bright, perfect for the summer and festival season. The price is pretty brilliant too with each one just costing £2.98. I therefore chose two; a lovely soft peach colour called Peachella, and a lilac toned blue called Bestival Blue (pictured below).


Design wise, I decided to paint all except my ring fingers in Peachella, and my ring fingers in Bestival Blue. Then I used some fine silver glitter to do a light dusting on the tips of the peach. Using a dotting tool and the peach polish, I created little flowers all over my ring finger and dotted the centres using some silver nail art polish. I sealed the whole thing with Rimmel’s Ultra Shine Top Coat.

I’m super pleased with the results. The formula was fast drying and the look is cute and fresh, perfect for summer! Below you can find my before and after and a list of the products I used.



Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx