Try It Out Tuesday : Lottie Tomlinson

So for this week’s Try It Out Tuesday, I’ve gone for a look that I found on my instagram feed and absolutely fell in love with. It comes from Lou Teasdale’s instagram post featuring makeup and hair done by her on Lottie Tomlinson.


I love how classy it looks and the simplicity of it. It’s completely wearable on an everyday basis and really not that hard to do. It adds a pop of colour and warmth to any monochrome based outfit.

This is also great for beginners in terms of experimenting with eyeshadow. Since it’s just one basic colour, you can practice your build up and blending technique and really figure out what suits your eye shape without worrying about how to perfect shading in a crease and creating a smoky eye. There also aren’t any fancy tricks when it comes to eyeliner. Not a wing in sight and false lashes really aren’t needed, but that isn’t to say you couldn’t add some if you desired. If you did, I’d recommend sticking to natural looking lashes so as not to make it too dramatic.

So there we have it, quick and easy! I hope you love it as much as I do. A list of the makeup products I used is below.


Sparkle On! -Ellie .xx