Hello Makeup Lovers!

So here it is, with the launch of my YouTube channel comes the launch of my assisting blog posts!

Today’s tutorial is a little take on the negative space trend I’ve seen going around on Instagram lately. I have lots of ideas for looks using this trend but this is the first one I came up with and decided to share.

You can watch my video here:

The full list of products is as follows:


I really hope you enjoy my tutorial. I am always open to tips on how to make my filming or instructions clearer so please feel free to leave some in the comments below. Also, if there are any looks you want to see me do, please leave those down below as well!

Sparkle on! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday : Glitter Lips!

This week is a little different. I’m not copying someone else or trying out a tutorial. Today I’m just trying out a trend that I’ve been itching to try for absolutely ages. GLITTER LIPS!

Now, of course the main reason I’ve been wanting to do these is because of the insane amount of sparkle, but I also think they’re a great way to glam up a look you might have been wearing all day and are going to continue wearing into the night.

For my look, I used a purple lipstick from Makeup Revolution on my bottom lip and a candy pink lipstick from Maybelline on my top lip. I topped these with NYX’s Glitter Primer before using a tiny brush to dab on the corresponding glitter colour. You can either stop there like I did, or you can add a clear gloss on top for a bit of added shine and moisture.

Now I’m not going to lie, whilst I love the look and sparkle, I probably couldn’t wear this for long. The glitter makes your lips dry and itchy and it will be incredibly difficult to eat or drink without getting a sprinkling of glitter too. Licking your lips is also a big no-no! But they’re definitely fun and most definitely glam and you can experiment with hundreds of colours as long as you have the glitter to match. You can even do ombre looks. There’s loads of possibilities so get creative and try it out!

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday : I’m A Unicorn!

So on Saturday, I added a new tattoo to my collection. I’ve now got a proud, beautiful and majestic unicorn on my arm and I couldn’t be happier with it. So, inspired by that, I went trawling through YouTube to find a tutorial that matched my tattoo, and low and behold, there was one!

I switched a couple of things up because I wasn’t too keen on mismatched coloured eyebrows, so, I’ve done both of mine purple instead of having one of them blue. Also, for the pigment on the eyes, I interchanged that for a whole lot of blue glitter. Take a look at my finished look below!


I absolutely love this look. It’s fun, colourful, whimsical, magical, and most of all, it’s jam packed full of sparkle. Obviously it’s not a look you’d wear everyday (though I would if I could) but it was super easy to recreate and would be great for a costume party or for your next Halloween costume.

I’ve left the original tutorial at the bottom of this post and below this will be a list of all the products I used to recreate the look. I would encourage all of you aspiring unicorns to try it out just for fun!


Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx