Review : Garnier Micellar Water

It’s all fun and games putting makeup on and making yourself pretty, but when it comes to taking it off, it can be a real hassle. More than once I’ve ended up with streaks of black across my face from eyeliner and clumps of eyelash glue clinging on for dear life. For ages I used baby wipes or t-zone wipes to remove my makeup, but afterwards my skin felt dry and abused from all the rubbing to get the more stubborn of my makeup off. Especially around my eyes.

But then Garnier released their bottle of magic : Micellar Cleansing Water.

I’m aware there are other brands out there, but this was the first one I came across, the one I tried and the one that I now swear by.

A couple of squirts on a cotton pad is all it takes and miracles actually happen. I no longer have to harshly rub at my eyes to remove eyelash glue and mascara, it just takes a few gentle swipes. Eyeliner doesn’t really get dragged around too much either, again, just a few concentrated swipes and it’s all gone without leaving me looking like I’ve done a few rounds in a boxing ring or that I’ve gone a few days without a wash.

The thing I love most about it is how my skin feels afterwards. My skin feels soft and nourished and I don’t feel so bad about subjecting it to the hours it’s just spent covered in makeup. Of course, I still put my favourite moisturiser on afterwards, but I no longer feel like I have to use buckets of it to try and rescue my skin.

If you shop in the right places, you can get bottles of this exact potion for as little as £1. If that doesn’t sway you to try it, I don’t know what will.

I hope this helps!

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx