Detox Day 1 – The Before Shot

Here we are at Day 1 of my detox and I’ve kicked off the day with my Morning Boost tea from SkinnyMint. For those who don’t know how the teatox works, you are supplied with 28 Morning Boost tea bags – one for every day of the detox – and 14 Night Cleanse tea bags – one for each alternate day to be drunk before bedtime. With at least 30 minutes exercise everyday and cleaner eating, the teatox helps to get rid of bloating, curbs your appetite, cleanses and tones your body.

The Morning Boost tea is actually really yummy. I’m a green tea lover and this is a really fruity blend that is quite refreshing for the morning. I’m looking forward to trying an iced version a little further on in my journey.

Which is another thing I should mention: When you purchase the 28 Day Teatox, you also receive a booklet of tips as well as a journey calendar which gives little ideas of what to do each day. Really handy and helpful!

As advised on the calendar, I have taken a picture of my pre-teatox bikini body ready for a comparison picture at the end. It’s taken a bit of courage, but I’m also posting it here so that you can see real results as they happen!



As I mentioned yesterday, I’m also undertaking the 30 Day Shred, which is a workout DVD consisting of three levels of 20 minute workouts that are set out in a way that burn fat and build muscle in the most effective way possible. After reading up on different ways people have done it, instead of doing 10 days straight of each level, I’m going to go cyclicly, so each day I’ll be doing a different level, which will hopefully mean it won’t be too monotonous and I’ll be working different muscles in different ways each day. Today is Level One and I’m most definitely ready to sweat!

I’ll be back with another update very soon.

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx