Try It Out Tuesday : Mykie’s Smokey Rose Gold!

This week I’m going back to one of my favourite YouTubers; Mykie, or as she’s better known – Glam&Gore. She recently uploaded a tutorial base around rose gold which is such a popular shade now and is right on trend for autumn and the rise of the metallics.

I was surprise by how easy this tutorial was. I’m still perfecting my blending skills but the placement and blending of these colours was really easy and worked well. I think these colours are also great shades for any skin tone. Mykie’s a lot paler than me so I figure the colours might not work, but actually, they’re a bit less pigmented but still compliment my skin tone.

What I also really love is the added shading in the arches of the nose. It’s not something I’ve really seen before and I was slightly fearful of it, but now that I’ve tried it, I really love the dimension it adds and it also makes the eye look a lot bigger.

Mykie also played to my weak spot with this look. She added glitter! It really does make a difference too. It adds so much more glam to the look, but I think it really ties it together.

Here’s Mykie’s look:

And here’s the list of products I used:


If you try this look out and love it too, let me know in the comments! I’ll leave the original tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday : Nic’s Festival Glam

For this week, I’ve decided to try one of the looks that was demo’d to me at the weekend in the masterclass I attended (read my post all about that here). I loved this look because it combined simple techniques wit bright colours that creates a look that’s perfect to wear to all of the upcoming festivals.

So Nic Schuller created a look used watered down eyeliner and eyeshadow to create a paint splattered contour and highlight look, as you can see here:

The effect is really easy to recreate and is so versatile. You can pick your favourite colours and just go wild. I decided to use my NYX Vivid Bright Liners in Violet and Petal for my look. I lined the lower waterline with white to make my eye seem bigger and brighter and lined my lower lashes with bright yellow to really tie the look together. But of course, because I’m a glitter junkie, I couldn’t help but to add a bit of my own flair with some white glitter along the far edge towards my hairline. You could even go a little bit further and get really creative by drawing little flowers amongst the splatter or adding gems with eyelash glue wherever you wish.

Here is my finished look:


So what do you think?

I’ll leave a list of the products that I used below. If you give this a go, don’t forget to tag Nic on Instagram!


Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday : Gigi Mermaid Eyes!

This week I’ve gone for a tutorial that really caught my eye. It’s a tutorial by Lou Teasdale for THE BOOK CHANNEL on YouTube (which you can subscribe to here) for a look worn by Gigi Hadid. I love that it’s been called Mermaid Eyes, it speaks to me on a deeper, inner level.


I had to get a little creative for this tutorial since I didn’t have a lot of the products, but despite that, I think I’ve managed to recreate the look really well. I didn’t have the blue cream products, however I did have a white shimmery cream product and lots of different blue eyeshadows so it was a case of mixing them together on the back of my hand until I got a colour I could substitute. I could have done with a darker purple for the outer corners of my eyes, but I did the best I could with the eyeshadows I had.

All in all, I really kind of love this look. I would even actually consider wearing this on a night out. I think its fun and funky, unique, but not too over the top. You can tone it down by using less product, or you can go full glam like Gigi’s original look.

Since there’s no fancy eyeliner work and no false lashes to apply (though you totally could), this is a really simple look for beginners as long as you have decent blending skills! I’d love to experiment with other colours for this look, maybe some darker, grungier colours, or even bright citrus colours. The possibilities are endless!

If you give it a go and love it too, let me know. The original tutorial is down below.

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday : Glitter Lips!

This week is a little different. I’m not copying someone else or trying out a tutorial. Today I’m just trying out a trend that I’ve been itching to try for absolutely ages. GLITTER LIPS!

Now, of course the main reason I’ve been wanting to do these is because of the insane amount of sparkle, but I also think they’re a great way to glam up a look you might have been wearing all day and are going to continue wearing into the night.

For my look, I used a purple lipstick from Makeup Revolution on my bottom lip and a candy pink lipstick from Maybelline on my top lip. I topped these with NYX’s Glitter Primer before using a tiny brush to dab on the corresponding glitter colour. You can either stop there like I did, or you can add a clear gloss on top for a bit of added shine and moisture.

Now I’m not going to lie, whilst I love the look and sparkle, I probably couldn’t wear this for long. The glitter makes your lips dry and itchy and it will be incredibly difficult to eat or drink without getting a sprinkling of glitter too. Licking your lips is also a big no-no! But they’re definitely fun and most definitely glam and you can experiment with hundreds of colours as long as you have the glitter to match. You can even do ombre looks. There’s loads of possibilities so get creative and try it out!

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday : Lottie Tomlinson

So for this week’s Try It Out Tuesday, I’ve gone for a look that I found on my instagram feed and absolutely fell in love with. It comes from Lou Teasdale’s instagram post featuring makeup and hair done by her on Lottie Tomlinson.


I love how classy it looks and the simplicity of it. It’s completely wearable on an everyday basis and really not that hard to do. It adds a pop of colour and warmth to any monochrome based outfit.

This is also great for beginners in terms of experimenting with eyeshadow. Since it’s just one basic colour, you can practice your build up and blending technique and really figure out what suits your eye shape without worrying about how to perfect shading in a crease and creating a smoky eye. There also aren’t any fancy tricks when it comes to eyeliner. Not a wing in sight and false lashes really aren’t needed, but that isn’t to say you couldn’t add some if you desired. If you did, I’d recommend sticking to natural looking lashes so as not to make it too dramatic.

So there we have it, quick and easy! I hope you love it as much as I do. A list of the makeup products I used is below.


Sparkle On! -Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday : I’m A Unicorn!

So on Saturday, I added a new tattoo to my collection. I’ve now got a proud, beautiful and majestic unicorn on my arm and I couldn’t be happier with it. So, inspired by that, I went trawling through YouTube to find a tutorial that matched my tattoo, and low and behold, there was one!

I switched a couple of things up because I wasn’t too keen on mismatched coloured eyebrows, so, I’ve done both of mine purple instead of having one of them blue. Also, for the pigment on the eyes, I interchanged that for a whole lot of blue glitter. Take a look at my finished look below!


I absolutely love this look. It’s fun, colourful, whimsical, magical, and most of all, it’s jam packed full of sparkle. Obviously it’s not a look you’d wear everyday (though I would if I could) but it was super easy to recreate and would be great for a costume party or for your next Halloween costume.

I’ve left the original tutorial at the bottom of this post and below this will be a list of all the products I used to recreate the look. I would encourage all of you aspiring unicorns to try it out just for fun!


Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday – Halsey Billboard Look!

I am a massive fan of Halsey, and not just her music, but also how she is as a person. She’s accepting and unashamedly herself and I think we could all learn a thing or two from her. She has great style and a lot of uniqueness which I admire and I also love how natural her makeup always looks. So for this week’s Try It Out Tuesday, I went trawling through her Instagram and decided to recreate her billboard magazine look.

Firstly, Halsey always looks natural, so instead of using my foundation to its full coverage, I mixed just the tiniest bit of foundation in with moisturiser. It still gave me enough coverage that my skin tone was even, but I was still left with a natural and glowing finish.

I did the lightest of contouring, just using a bit of bronzer to sculpt some cheekbones, but I left out my forehead and the sides of my nose as I would usually do. Then, what seems to be a staple of her looks is that you can always see her freckles. Naturally, I do have quite a lot of freckles in the same areas she does, so I didn’t have to do too much except extenuating a few of them with a brown kohl pencil and tapping my finger on the dot to blend it into my skin a little better. A pinky orange blush completes the face.

For the eyes, a thin line of eyeliner – without any fancy wing business – and a coat of mascara on the lashes is all that’s needed. Her eyebrows are quite thick like mine, so I filled them in as I normally would, but if you have thinner or lighter eyebrows, I’d suggest doing them a bit thicker with a darker powder or pencil.

On the lips I did a mixture of things. In the reference picture it’s a mixture between of pink and red and I didn’t have that exact colour lipstick, so I mixed together some red with a mauve-pink lipgloss and managed a colour as close as I could.

I really enjoyed doing this look and the simplicity of it. Even though she wore it for the cover of a magazine, it comes across as an everyday look. It’s very wearable and doesn’t take that long to do!

If there are any celebrity looks you’d like me to try, or tutorials you’ve seen online that you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments.

Sparkle on! – Ellie .xx

Makeup Products:

Barry M Flawless Original Primer
Astral Moisturiser
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in Shade 03
Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
The Colour Experts Blush Palette in Pink Moods
Primark Take a Brow Kit
Maybe line master precise Black Eyeliner
Lacura Beauty Doll Eyes Mascara
One Direction Lipstick in Kiss You
Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Charm Offensive

Try It Out Tuesday – Square Braid!

So today is something a bit different. Today’s Try It Out Tuesday is a little hairstyle that I’ve been itching to do for a while. It is the Square Braid!

Essentially, it’s a fishtail braid but by feeding the hair both under and over at the same time you get this really cool cube of fishtail braids. I actually expected this to be a lot harder than it was because it looked quite fiddly when I watched the tutorial (which I have posted below), but actually it’s really easy to get the hang of it. The only downside is that if you have really long hair like I do, it takes a really long time to get to the bottom.

Because I was doing it on myself rather than on someone else, I decided to braid the top of my hair in a dino braid (or dutch braid, or boxer braid, whichever floats your boat), put bobbles in the end once I’d reach the bottom of my ears and then began the square braid and I actually really love the look it gave, it’s quite quirky. By doing this, you can jazz up the centre of your braid with bows or those really cute pom pom bobbles.

The original video is by THE BOOK CHANNEL and is below.

Sparkle on! – Ellie .xx

Try It Out Tuesday – Festival Look

Hi there!

So my first Try It Out Tuesday is a Festival Look that was done by Mykie, a.k.a Glam&Gore on YouTube. She is one of my biggest makeup and style inspirations and with Coachella just around the corner it seemed only fitting to go for this look first.

At first I thought the purple base was going to be a bit heavy for me, but actually, it really makes my eyes pop. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make me look like I have a black eye, but it’s there enough that it really opens the eye up.

I really love this layered eyeliner. I think it adds such a unique dimension to the look and it gives you a chance to really experiment with colour. This is especially good for me! You could substitute in any of the colours for your favourites, since you can use eyeshadow over white gel as I did for the blue, and you can add some sparkle like I decided to on the black eyeliner, because of course, for me, there is never enough glitter.

Which brings me onto the sprinkle of glitter in the tear ducts. I LOVE this! I usually put white in the corners just to open the eyes up, but glitter is an even better idea. I’ll be using this idea from now on!

The ombre lip is another must. I’d never really considered it before, but it looks pretty and adds a cutesy dynamic to the look.

Of course, like anything, you don’t have to keep to these colours. On my left eye, I tried a softer look with pastel pink on the lid and white eyeliner on the lower waterline and I think it works just as well if you don’t want something as dark as the purple.

Mykie’s original tutorial will be below for you to have a go yourself, and check out her channel whilst you’re there. She’s brilliant!

All the products (except my eyelashes), I used for this are drugstore:

Eyeshadows : Dazzle Dusts by Barry M
Eyeliner: Maybelline master precise felt tip, Barry M White Gel
Eyebrows: Primark Take A Brow kit
Eyelashes: House of Lashes Smokey Muse

Sparkle on! – Ellie .xx