A Little Bit Of An Update!

So you lot may have noticed that there’s been a lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. It’s not because I’ve given up or because I’ve forgotten about this blog, but it’s because this blog is undergoing a complete revamp. I’ve been thinking really seriously recently about what I want this blog’s purpose to be and how to integrate it into my other social media plans.

Therefore, I’ll firstly tell you about those plans. As you know, I’ve been doing the #100DaysOfMakeup Challenge over on instagram and its actually going really well. It’s doing great things for my instagram profile and I’m being noticed by makeup companies who want to do things with me, which is amazing. I really want to keep things going on instagram but eventually, I hope to use it as a springboard to start up a YouTube account so I can post tutorials and I’ve always wanted to do Get Ready With Me videos. With the new job I’ve just got, I’ll actually be able to afford a decent camera and some lighting so that I can get started,

That’s also where this blog will come in. I’ll be able to take really good photos for this too. But I also want this blog to run alongside anything I do on YouTube. I’m aiming to post two or three videos a week, the first being on a Tuesday. On this blog will be the video and a full list of the products I used to create the look. Then, the next video will be on a Wednesday. On my channel, the video will be a tutorial using a product that is either brand new, or simply new to me. Then, to accompany that, on this blog there’ll be a full review with my honest opinion. The final video will be a miscellaneous one, so could be a challenge video, a Get Ready With Me, just whatever I feel like doing.

But I don’t want this blog just to be an accompaniment. I want it to have it’s own stand alone thing too. So, if I come across any hacks, I’ll try them out and post about them on here, I’ll be making my Dear Makeup Fairy posts a regular, monthly thing and also any hauls that I do will be posted on here.

I really hope you’re as excited for the development of this blog as I am. I really, really want to make all this social media into a full time job because I love it so much so I’m working really hard to make it the best it can be.

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

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