Detox Day 2 : Clean Snacking

I’ve completed my first day of the detox which included my 30 Day Shred workout and my Night Cleanse tea. My workout was brutal and I’m paying for it today – getting up the stairs is a real task! But I also felt really good afterwards. It was the good type of tired when you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Even for Level 1, it was a really vigorous workout but like Jillian says, when you’re only working out for 20 minutes, it has to be intense to see results! The Night Cleanse tea is going to take some getting used to. I’m not a huge fan of peppermint flavoured goods so for the first couple of sips it was hard to stomach, but once I took a couple of gulps it was rather nice. It was quite calming and relaxing and I certainly slept well.

Today, I want to talk about snacking. I’d like to believe we’re all guilty of it, especially when we’re moody or bored. I can hold my hands up and say boredom is the worst cause for my snacking. However, to get the most out of this teatox, the leaflet recommends cutting out artificial sugar and sweeteners and obviously anything that would be considered unhealthy. So, I’ve had to wave goodbye to my Birthday Cake Oreos and hello to cleaner snacks.

Most people will probably roll their eyes and think of boring snack that don’t contain much flavour and therefore don’t satisfy your tiny cravings, but healthy snacks don’t have to be boring at all! You can still get your chocolate fix in good moderation if you eat chocolate covered almonds. To make it even better, switch to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best of all the chocolates to eat when you’re on a health kick. (It also happens to be my favourite which is good for me!) Almonds are also a good source of protein and a handful can end up being quite filling.

Here are the suggestions from my SkinnyMint leaflet:


I am quite a fussy eater when it comes to fruit, which are a great clean eating snack and count towards your five a day, but I’ve gone for apple slices and grapes with the occasional melon thrown in, and I’ve gone for almonds and cashews. Whilst I was in Holland & Barrett, I also picked up some sweet chilli thai crackers that I’m pretty sure I’ve had in a graze box before and taste great, and also some peanut butter protein balls. Hopefully these will satisfy my cravings for the duration of my detox and I’ll no longer want crisps and biscuits!

I’ll put links below to the snack bags I bought from Holland & Barrett in case you want to try any of them. If you’re a graze box subscriber, you can find a lot of what they put in their snacks in bigger bags for really good prices.

I’ll be back with another update tomorrow.

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

Oh My Thai Crackers – Holland & Barrett
The Protein Ball Co. Peanut Butter – Holland & Barret


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