Clean Body, Clean Mind : Time for a Detox

So after a crazy hectic month finishing up in university, I’m finally free and can focus all of my attention on my blog. Yippee!

I have lots of things planned for this blog now that I have the time to execute it and the first thing is something a little bit different, but something I want to share with the blogging community. I have just received my 28 Day Teatox from SkinnyMint in the post which I’m going to start tomorrow along with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. My goal is not to lose weight as such, but to tone up. I’ve heard brilliant things about the 28 Day Teatox so I’m excited to try it and I know the 30 Day Shred works. I’ve tried it before and the results are pretty incredible.

Now that summer is here and I’m free of obligations, I want to concentrate on myself and get back into shape because with the stress of exams and coursework, I let myself go a little bit, oops!

So in between all of my other blog posts, I’ll be updating you on my progress and expressing my opinion and hopefully offering some encouragement for anyone else who may be on an exercise regime or detox diet!

See you for the first update tomorrow.

Sparkle On! – Ellie .xx

2 thoughts on “Clean Body, Clean Mind : Time for a Detox

  1. Emma Sivess says:

    Exciting!! I tried the teatox but really didn’t get along with the taste – so I always had it cold and added lemon (which was really good!) looking forward to hearing about your journey beaut!xxx

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