Try It Out Tuesday – Festival Look

Hi there!

So my first Try It Out Tuesday is a Festival Look that was done by Mykie, a.k.a Glam&Gore on YouTube. She is one of my biggest makeup and style inspirations and with Coachella just around the corner it seemed only fitting to go for this look first.

At first I thought the purple base was going to be a bit heavy for me, but actually, it really makes my eyes pop. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make me look like I have a black eye, but it’s there enough that it really opens the eye up.

I really love this layered eyeliner. I think it adds such a unique dimension to the look and it gives you a chance to really experiment with colour. This is especially good for me! You could substitute in any of the colours for your favourites, since you can use eyeshadow over white gel as I did for the blue, and you can add some sparkle like I decided to on the black eyeliner, because of course, for me, there is never enough glitter.

Which brings me onto the sprinkle of glitter in the tear ducts. I LOVE this! I usually put white in the corners just to open the eyes up, but glitter is an even better idea. I’ll be using this idea from now on!

The ombre lip is another must. I’d never really considered it before, but it looks pretty and adds a cutesy dynamic to the look.

Of course, like anything, you don’t have to keep to these colours. On my left eye, I tried a softer look with pastel pink on the lid and white eyeliner on the lower waterline and I think it works just as well if you don’t want something as dark as the purple.

Mykie’s original tutorial will be below for you to have a go yourself, and check out her channel whilst you’re there. She’s brilliant!

All the products (except my eyelashes), I used for this are drugstore:

Eyeshadows : Dazzle Dusts by Barry M
Eyeliner: Maybelline master precise felt tip, Barry M White Gel
Eyebrows: Primark Take A Brow kit
Eyelashes: House of Lashes Smokey Muse

Sparkle on! – Ellie .xx

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